Building approval information pack

The building approval information pack should be used where your development needs building approval during construction.

The materials in this pack should be referred to once you have development approval and are ready to begin building.  


Application for building approval

The application for building approval allows building approval to be issued and a building certifier appointed.

Employed builders or owner-builders then complete applications for commencement and the building certifier completes the building commencement notice that means work can begin.

Revised building approval forms

From 1 August 2011 revised forms came into effect for the various processes involved in the building approval process under the Building Act 2004.  These forms must be used from this date. 

The forms are available on the ACT Legislation Register under Building Act 2004 from 1 August 2011.

The table below shows how the new forms relate to the old forms:

Old BA formNew BA form (from 1 August 2011)Comments
C1 – Building Commencement Notice Application FormAppointment of Builder and Application For Commencement NoticeForm now includes provision for all owners to sign acknowledging the appointment of a builder.  The builder then uses this form to apply to the certifier for a commencement notice.
C2 – Building Commencement NoticeBuilding Commencement NoticeForm now includes the standard format for describing the building work
C3 – Owner Appointment of Certifier and Application by Owner for Building Approval and Building Approval CertificateAppointment of A Certifier Application For Building ApprovalForm now includes provision for all owners to sign and provides a checklist of information that should accompany the application
C5 – Certificate of Completion of Building Work (from certifier) Application for Certificate of Occupancy and Use (COU) (by owner)

Certificate of Completion of Building Work

Application For Certificate of Occupancy and Use

Now two separate forms
No old formCertificate of Completion of Unsubstantiated Building Work Application for Certificate of Occupancy and Use under section 69(2B)This is a new form that can be used to apply for a certificate of occupancy and use where building work has not been completed in accordance with relevant prescribed requirements

Application for certificate of occupancy and use

Once construction is complete, and all notifications and inspections have been carried out, you need to complete an application for certificate of occupancy and use.

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