Recommended variations to the Territory Plan

V339 Kaleen

V339 Kaleen

V339 has been approved by the Minister for Planning. Please see approved variations page for more details.

Kaleen section 117, block 23 proposes to:

  • Rezone the land from the CFZ community facility zone to the RZ5 high density residential zone.
  • Amend the Kaleen precinct map and code to guide future development on the land. 

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Recommended draft variation (1.3 MB)

Report on Consultation (171.2 KB)

 Appendix 1 - Community Engagement Outcomes Report (788.8 KB)

 Appendix 2 - Traffic Impact Assessment (1.9 MB)

 Appendix 3 - DV339 Public Consultation Version (1.2 MB)

 Appendix 4 - Submissions on DV339 (2.9 MB)

 Appendix 4 - Submissions on DV330 (1.8 MB)

 Appendix 5 - NCA comments (127.8 KB)


DV346 Residential Solar Access Provisions

Draft Variation 346 (DV346) proposes to simplify the solar access rules that control the extent to which shadows cast by development on one block impact a neighbouring block.

The proposed changes will better meet community and industry needs while ensuring adequate solar access for residential development, protecting the solar access of neighbouring blocks and encouraging the design of houses with good solar amenity.

The changes would apply to dwellings constructed on mid-size and compact blocks approved on or after 5 July 2013 and to all large blocks.

In order to protect the interface between new and existing homes in Coombs and Wright, the existing Coombs and Wright Precinct Maps and Codes will not be affected, but any new estates or sub-divisions in these suburbs would need to comply with the new provisions. 

The draft variation was developed in consultation with industry and community representatives. 

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Recommended draft variation (346.1 KB)

Report on Consultation (197.4 KB)

 Appendix 1 - Draft Variation 346 External link

 Appendix 2 - Copies of public comments

 Public Submissions 1 - 26 (4.9 MB)

 Public Submissions 27 - 52 (12.9 MB)

 Public Submissions 53 - 78 (3.3 MB)

 Public Submissions 79 - 103 (12.3 MB)

 Appendix 3 - Agency comments (1.6 MB)

 Appendix 4 - In the dark slideshow (2.2 MB)

Background information 

DV346 Fact Sheet (547.4 KB)

Solar Access Review for Residential Developments (525.0 KB)

Effect of the Draft Variation

DV346 does not have interim effect.  


V351 West Belconnen Urban Development

V351 was referred to the Minister for Planning for determination and was subsequently approved on 23 October 2015 but is yet to commence - Approval Notice External link

Variation 351 to the Territory Plan (V351) proposes to rezone area immediately west of the suburbs of Holt and Macgregor for future urban development. The main changes to the area include:

  • rezoning part of the site to a range or urban zones;
  • introducing a nature reserve overlay to the river corridor zone;
  • rezoning the 'Transgrid Canberra Substation' to a Transport and Servces Zone;
  • rezoning the 'Strathnairn Arts Precinct' and 'Belconnen Far Heritage Precinct' to Community Facility Zone;
  • apply a future urban area (FUA) overlay to part of the site; and
  • introduce a site-specific structure plan and concept plan into the Territory plan.

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Recommended Draft Variation (3.5 MB)

Report on Consultation (236.8 KB) 

Report on Consultation (Appendix 1) - Draft Variation (Public Consultation Version) External link

Report on Consultation (Appendix 2a) - Public Submissions Received (1.5 MB)

Report on Consultation (Appendix 2b) - Public Submissions Received (21.3 MB)

Report on Consultation (Appendix 2c) - Public Submissions Received (3.1 MB)

Report on Consultation (Appendix 2d) - Public Submissions Received (14.3 MB)

Report on Consultation (Appendix 2e) - Public Submissions Received (6.9 MB)

Report on Consultation (Appendix 3) - Mandatory Agency Comments (5.7 MB)

Effect of the draft variation

V351 does not have interim effect.  

Background Documents for DV351

To support V351, the National Capital Authority (NCA) has prepared National Capital Plan (NCP) Draft Amendment 85 (DA85) to the National Capital Plan - NCP DA85 External link

A public information session on DA85 to the NCP and DV351 to the Territory Plan was held on Thursday 4 June 2015 at Kippax Fair Shopping Centre, Holt ACT 2615.


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