Recommended variations to the Territory Plan

V346 Residential Solar Access Provisions

Variation 346 (V346) has been approved by the Minister for Planning and Land Management but has not yet commenced. See Approved Variations for further details.

Following a Direction from the Minister for Planning and Land Management, V346 only applies to blocks in subdivisions approved on or after 5 July 2013 but will not apply to blocks covered by existing Coombs and Wright Precinct Codes.

Ministerial Direction Letter

Variation 346 (V346) alters selected residential solar access provisions in the Territory Plan. V346 increases the height of the solar fence for selected blocks from 2.4 metres to 3 metres in the primary building zone and from 1.8 metres to 2.3 metres in the rear zone in greenfield areas.

V346 also introduces a requirement to provide at least 4m² of transparent, unshaded north facing glazing to a daytime living area. Where this is not practical V346 allows an applicant to demonstrate that daytime living areas are provided with reasonable access to direct sunlight through alternate means.

In addition to V346 further work is also underway to make amendments to the Planning and Development Regulation.  It is proposed to amend the regulation to limit the use of the tolerances and exemptions where doing so would encroach beyond the solar building envelope. While V346 has been approved, it will only commence once changes to the Regulation are in place.

The proposed changes will ensure that the residential solar access provisions in the Territory Plan continue to protect the solar access and solar amenity of residential  blocks, facilitate passive solar design and active solar technology, and contribute to energy efficiency.

The Environment and Planning Directorate will continue to work with community and industry representatives to develop a suitable solution relating to the solar envelope and glazing for existing areas. Any changes relating to existing areas will be subject to a separate Territory Plan variation.

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Background information 

DV346 Fact Sheet (547.4 KB)

Solar Access Review for Residential Developments (525.0 KB)

Effect of the Draft Variation

V346 does not have interim effect.


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