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Gazettal Date8 March 2017
Commemorated NameANTHONEY
Birth Year1998
Death Year2013
OriginActivist; community service; brain tumour advocate; Canberran

Dainere, in a life too short, a life too fragile, but a life of tremendous influence selflessly and tirelessly advocated for greater awareness in the community about paediatric brain tumours.

Her determination and passion to raise funds for research and to inspire others with her constant message, "...together we can take action, give hope and create change..." knew no bounds and have influenced people from the young to the elderly, from those with many life experiences to those just beginning their journey from all corners of the globe.

In March 2009 Dainere was diagnosed with an aggressive cancerous brain tumour, Medulloblastoma, she was operated on and received treatment at Sydney Children's Hospital. In 2012, she suffered an inoperable and incurable recurrence of the disease which spread throughout her brain and spine, she fought this insidious disease courageously, with determination and humbleness. On 24 June 2013, her young life was cruelly stolen by brain cancer.

A prolific writer, she maintained a personal 'blog' which she generously shared with the world during her illness to tell her story, to provide inspiration, to support other children on the same journey and to promote her desire to give a knowledge of and educate others in the Community about paediatric brain cancer.

In 2010, as her Starlight Wish, Dainere published 'You Have To Go Through A Storm To Get To A Rainbow', she donated all funds raised from the publication of the book to paediatric brain tumour research at Sydney Children's Hospital.

Then in 2012 she wrote 'Theodore and Friends - Theodore is Left Out', a children's book about the importance of inclusion and acceptance of difference that came from her personal experiences after treatment. This book was placed in every Primary School Library within Canberra and surrounding areas. Again, Dainere chose to donate all funds raised to paediatric brain cancer research.

Dainere was a role model as a student at Burgmann Anglican School, she continually displayed Grace, Commitment and Wisdom in her dedication to her school studies, her friendships and community service. She also inspired others in the sporting arena as an AWD athlete, teaching others there are no obstacles to having a go and what you achieve.

Dainere was posthumously named as the "Young Canberra Citizen of the Year" in 2013, sharing the award with her brother Jarrett in recognition of their leadership, courage and determination to raise awareness in the Community of paediatric brain tumours.

Dainere's greatest wish in life was that no children would have to suffer as she did and that one day a cure for paediatric brain tumours would become a reality. On 8 February 2014 Dainere's Rainbow Brain Tumour Research Fund was established as a legacy to and in memory of Dainere and maintains a lifetime commitment to continue her tireless, selfless and inspiring efforts to significantly elevate vital awareness of paediatric brain tumours within the Community and raise crucial funds to support research at Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation Kids Cancer Centre.

The way to pronounce Dainere's beautiful name is Day-Nair (meaning "one of rare beauty").
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