Housing targets

For the remainder of 2017-18, the ACT Government  will release 530 dwelling sites for public housing, community housing,  affordable home purchase and land rent. These are made up of:

  • 54 dwelling sites for new/additional public housing
  • 89 dwelling sites for the Public Housing Renewal Program
  • 353 dwelling sites for dedicated affordable home purchase and land rent
  • 34 dwelling sites for community housing.

How has this changed  from the previous policy?

The new Housing Target Policy replaces the previous policy established under the 2007 Affordable Housing Action Plan (AHAP) which required 20% of greenfield estates to be released for dedicated affordable home purchase. Under the previous policy, there were no supply targets for public or community housing.

The shift away from a flat percentage on greenfield releases allows flexibility in supplying social and affordable housing according to need and amenity, including proximity to schools, transport, employment centres and public open space as well as considering existing concentrations of affordable and social housing already in suburbs.

How will each year’s target be  calculated and published in future?

Future years' targets will be developed by an ACT Government reference group made up of relevant officials responsible for affordable housing policy, land release, public and community housing as well as representation from the relevant Government land delivery agencies.

The target will be published alongside each year’s Indicative Land Release Program.

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