Housing Choices

The Housing Choices discussion paper provides background to the ACT planning and housing policies, and offers an opportunity for you to contribute your ideas on interesting and innovative strategies to get better housing outcomes. The goal is to introduce more flexibility, better housing choices and encourage the kind of quality residential buildings that our community wants.

The Canberra community has always shown considerable interest and involvement in the planning of our city. Housing policies have again come to the fore, with considerable interest in housing choice and affordability.

To date, and consistent with the 2012 ACT Planning Strategy, housing choices policy has focused on encouraging a more compact city by focusing a balance of urban infill and city expansion, urban intensification in town centres, group centres and along the major public transport routes.

It is recognised there also needs to be greater choice in existing residential areas, with a focus on areas close to existing services, facilities, workplaces, educational institutions and alternative transport options.

The Housing Choices discussion paper provides a dedicated forum for conversations on housing choice and diversity to continue. The discussion paper seeks the community’s views on housing choice and the expansion of residential options.

The challenge is to get the balance right between enabling development to meet the demand for choice, whilst also achieving urban design principles to protect and enhance existing character and amenity in the established suburbs. The ACT Government values your input and wants to hear your ideas. Your feedback will inform any proposed updates to government policies and our planning framework.

Get involved and have your say.

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