Woden and Mawson master plans

The ACT Government has prepared master plans for  Woden town centre and Mawson group centre.

Woden Town Centre Master Plan

Mawson Group Centre Master Plan 

See summaries of the master plans:

Woden Town Centre Master Plan Snapshot HTML Version

Mawson Group Centre Master Plan Snapshot HTML Version

About the Woden and Mawson master plans

These master plans were prepared in response to actions outlined in the ACT Planning Strategy (2012) that identified the need to review the Woden Master Plan (2004)  and prepare a master plan for the Mawson group centre, inclusive of the  Athllon Drive corridor, to initiate development that would support strategies for active travel and rapid public transport along Athllon Drive and support the ACT Planning Strategy.

The two centres were initially considered together so  that a wide range of strategic planning issues and the relationships between the two centres could be better understood. Separate master plans were prepared because each centre has its own community interests, characteristics and challenges.

The study area for the master plans.


Stage 1 consultation: 21 February to 4 April 2014

The first stage of consultation informed the public and businesses about the master planning project through the release of a discussion paper and information posters.

Feedback was gathered through the use of poster displays, feedback forms, ‘meet the planners’ sessions, lessees and traders meetings, individual submissions, meetings with individual stakeholders and government interagency meetings for  both centres. As a result of this consultation the following reports were released in October 2014:

Stage  2 consultations:  29 January to 15 March  2015

The second stage consultation sought feedback on Woden Town Centre Draft Master Plan (13MB) and the Mawson Group Centre Draft Master Plan (6.7MB).

During the consultation, information was made available online, via poster displays at the Westfield shopping centre, in the Mawson group centre, in the Woden Library, and several ‘meet the planners’ sessions.

Community  feedback, industry input, and expert planning studies were used to shape the final master plans for the Woden town centre and the Mawson group centre, which were released in November 2015.

Woden Town Centre Master Plan - Community Engagement Report Stage 2

Mawson Group Centre Master Plan - Community Engagement Report Stage 2 

Following the master plan process, variations to the Territory Plan are being developed to implement the recommendations of the master plans.

Want to know more?

If you want to find out more about the master planning process, please contact the project team by:

  • email: Woden@act.gov.au or Mawson@act.gov.au
  • post: ‘Master plans’, Environment and Planning Directorate, GPO Box 158,  Canberra City 2601
  • phone: Access Canberra on 13 22 81 (and ask for the master plan team in EPD)

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