Current and completed EISs

Below are lists of current and completed Environmental impact Statements (EIS’s).


Following is a list of Completed EIS’s. An EIS is considered complete when the Minister gives EPSDD a notice that he/she intends to take no action or the Minister establishes an inquiry panel and the panel either reports the results of the inquiry or the time for reporting under the legislation expires. A completed EIS is valid for 18 months after the date it is notified.


The following is a list of current EISs. Current EISs are drafts which are not considered complete under the Planning and Development Act 2007. A draft EIS is required to be prepared to address the requirements of a scoping document.

Draft EISs are made available for public comment, and the proponent is required to address all comments received during the public notification period. The draft EIS must be revised to address public submissions and resubmitted to the planning and land authority. The Planning and land authority will then assess the EIS and prepare a report for the Minister.

Please Note: Under section 220 (2) Planning and Development Act 2007;

The planning and land authority must—

(a) make a copy of the representation available on the authority website

(b) give a copy of the representation to the proponent of the development proposal as soon as practicable after the public consultation period for the draft EIS ends.

In complying with the obligation under section 220(2), the authority discloses the representations, which may include personal information on its website and to the proponent. You may request to have part or all of your representation excluded from the public register under Sections 411 or 412 of the Planning and Development Act 2007.; The request for exclusion must be in writing and clearly identify what you are seeking to exclude and how the request satisfies the exclusion criteria. The Authority may approve or refuse to approve an exclusion application.

If your request for exclusion is approved the Authority will seek to protect the information from disclosure. However, the Authority cannot guarantee that the information will not have to be disclosed pursuant to a legal obligation.

The Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate’s (EPSDD) Information Privacy Policy contains information about how you may access or seek to correct your personal information held by EPD, and how you may complain about an alleged breach of the Territory Privacy Principles. The EPSDD Information Privacy Policy can be found at

Once an EIS is completed a Development Application can be made in the Impact Track. An Impact Track DA will have regard to the development assessment considerations from the EIS assessment report. Further information on the DA process.

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