Hume Waste Plastic to Fuel Facility

FOY Group proposes to construct and operate a facility which converts waste plastics into road transport fuels. The facility will be capable of processing 200 tonnes of plastic waste per day in its ultimate configuration. The facility is proposed to be constructed at Block 11 Section 21 in the Hume industrial area.

Following preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) by the FOY Group, The Minister for Planning and Land Management decided to refer the EIS to an independent inquiry panel.

Inquiry panel

The independent inquiry panel has been established to review the proposal and report on the findings to the Minister for Planning and Land Management. Terms of Reference are now available.

As part of the inquiry, two community meetings have been held to allow community members to have their say on the proposal and to ensure that the panel understands concerns within the community. Further submissions can be made to

The panel has asked for any additional submissions to be provided by 3 April 2017.

A consolidated summary of comments and issues raised at the two community meetings are available here.

Additional reports submitted by FOY Group to the inquiry panel

*This document is stated by FOY Group to be a restructured version of the EIS. It has not been assessed by the planning and land authority as part of the EIS process. It has been provided by FOY Group to the panel for consideration.

Further submissions from FOY Group

Appendix J - Test equipment Specifications

Appendix K - Draft Feedstock SOPs

EIS Process

The EIS process details the anticipated environmental impacts of a development, as well as proposing avoidance and mitigation measures. An EIS is prepared by a proponent to enable decision makers to understand the environmental consequences of a proposed development.



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