ACT second electrical supply project - EIS application 201700005

The project

NSW Electricity Network Operations Pty Ltd as trustee for the NSW Electricity Operations Trust (TransGrid) and ActewAGL Distribution propose to construct a new electrical substation, new 330-kilovolt and 132-kilovolt electrical transmission lines and vehicle access tracks, vegetation clearing and associated works as part of the ACT Second Electrical Supply Project.

EIS process

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) details the anticipated environmental impacts of a development, as well as proposing avoidance and mitigation measures. An EIS is prepared by a proponent to enable decision makers to understand the environmental consequences of a proposed development. The EIS is required to address matters raised in the scoping document for the proposal. Read more about the EIS process.

A draft EIS has now been lodged for this project. The application number for this draft EIS is EIS201700005. The Planning and Development Act 2007 allows for a draft EIS to be lodged concurrently with a development application for the same proposal. The draft EIS has been lodged concurrently with two impact track development applications, DA201732485 (for ActewAGL works) and DA201732500 (for TransGrid works), to allow the public to consider all applications simultaneously. The draft EIS is a concurrent document. The concurrent development applications cannot be finalised until the concurrent process (the assessment of the draft EIS) is complete. The concurrent consultation period for the proposal is 35 days. If the concurrent document relating to the application (the EIS) is refused, rejected or withdrawn, the development application is taken to have been refused.

Bilateral assessment

The Australian Government determined that this proposal is a controlled action requiring assessment and approval under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) before it can proceed. This EIS is being assessed by the ACT Government under the bilateral agreement between the Australian Government and the ACT Government.

Public consultation

The public consultation period for the draft EIS and concurrent development applications is 35 working days, commencing on 5 March 2018 and closing on 26 April 2018.

Representations should be addressed to the Chief Planning Executive and sent by:

  • email to
  • mail to: Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate Customer Service
    GPO Box 158
    Canberra  ACT  2601
  • hand to the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate’s Customer Service Centre at 16 Challis Street, Dickson.

Representations should include the name and contact details of the person making the comments and the relevant application number to which the comments relate (EIS201700005 for the draft EIS, DA201732485 for the development application for ActewAGL works or DA201732500 for the development application for TransGrid works).

Please Note: Under section 220 (2) of the Planning and Development Act 2007;
The planning and land authority must—
(a) make a copy of the representation available on the authority website
(b) give a copy of the representation to the proponent of the development proposal as soon as practicable after the public consultation period for the draft EIS ends.

In complying with the obligation under section 220(2), the authority discloses the representations, which may include personal information on its website and to the proponent. You may request to have part or all of your representation excluded from the public register under Sections 411 or 412 of the Planning and Development Act 2007. The request for exclusion must be in writing and clearly identify what you are seeking to exclude and how the request satisfies the exclusion criteria. The Authority may approve or refuse to approve an exclusion application.

If your request for exclusion is approved the Authority will seek to protect the information from disclosure. However, the Authority cannot guarantee that the information will not have to be disclosed pursuant to a legal obligation.

The Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate’s (EPSDD) Information Privacy Policy contains information about how you may access or seek to correct your personal information held by EPSDD, and how you may complain about an alleged breach of the Territory Privacy Principles. Read our Information Privacy Policy.

Disclaimer: As detailed above, section 220 of the Planning and Development Act 2007 requires the Planning and Land Authority to publish representations. The authority is not able to verify the truth of any facts alleged in any representation and publication of a representation does not indicate acceptance of the opinions expressed by the author of any representation.

Application and supporting documents

The two concurrent development applications’ documentation is available on the development application notices page.

Scoping document

Planning and Development (Second Electricity Supply Project – Belconnen and Holt).

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