Electricians employment

Electricians may work alone but are usually employed as a sub-contractor by the builder. However, you may employ an electrician directly for repairs and new installations.

Electrical work

Electricians install and fix wiring work, electrical equipment and switchboards. Disconnection and reconnection of fixed electrical equipment, including refrigeration, air conditioning, type B gas appliances and electrical machinery, requires tradespeople with restricted electrical licences.

Check licensing

Electricians need to be licensed. They may have restrictions or endorsements on their licence. You can find an electrician who has the relevant qualifications and expertise - and check any restrictions on their licence - on our list of licensed electricians.

Get a certificate

Electricians must give you a copy of a Certificate of Electrical Safety once they have tested their electrical work for compliance. The electrical equipment you have that an electrician needs to work on must comply with minimum safety standards.


Anyone who believes a licensed or formerly licensed electrician has not fulfilled their obligations may put their concerns in writing by giving us feedback. Complaints may result in disciplinary action.

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