East Lake Urban Renewal


East Lake, in Canberra's inner south, was identified in the 2004 Canberra Spatial Plan as an area for possible future development.

Since 2005 planning studies and projects have been underway exploring a number of issues relating to East Lake and its future potential development.

These studies include the East Lake Draft Planning Report (PDF 11.9MB) released in 2007, which identifies what might happen at East Lake. A list of other studies and planning documents important to East Lake is at the bottom of this page.

The CSIRO has been partnering with ACTPLA to ensure a sustainable approach to planning for the area. CSIRO website information about East Lake.

What's happening now?

Consultants - SGS Economics and Planning (SGS) - are developing a Sustainable Plan for East Lake. This will be the final piece of planning work before possible changes to the Territory Plan to allow development to take place. The plan is expected to be presented to the ACT Government for its approval in the coming months.

Any changes to the Territory Plan would also involve consultation.

SGS will develop a plan for East Lake that showcases sustainable development, providing for a mix of housing and high-quality open space, biodiversity conservation, transport, community facilities and associated infrastructure. The aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste and use resources more efficiently to protect the environment.

SGS will be using work already undertaken and several other studies still underway to develop the plan.  


Preferred option

Consultation has been held with groups most affected by the potential development and with the community.

On June 3 2010 consultants and ACTPLA staff sought feedback on the preferred option for East Lake and the outline of the strategic environmental assessment.

Panels on display at Eastlake Football Club 03.06.10

East Lake consultation report

Consultation was also held through a reference group that includes members of organisations or groups that have a particular interest in East Lake.

A sustainable plan for East Lake

SGS and ACTPLA consulted with the public on the Sustainable Plan for East Lake on 30 March 2010. See the consultation report. 

Community input was also obtained through an online survey. See survey results here

The people who attended the public display and forum were asked to comment on four ideas for development in East Lake:


Idea 1

Idea 2

Idea 3

Overall people were very supportive of the most sustainable option, idea 3. After the forum, SGS reviewed the feedback and comments from the public and taking this into account, they prepared the preliminary preferred option for East Lake.

East Lake Draft Planning Report

Consultation on the East Lake Draft Planning Report was held in 2007. The Consultation Summary Report outlines the main issues raised through this process. 

Next steps

Feedback from the two public consultations is being used to inform the plan for East lake, which will be presented to the ACT Government for approval in the coming months. The feedback will also inform a strategic environmental assessment (SEA), which assesses the environmental benefits and impacts on an area. This is an important part of any decision about an area's suitability for future development.

Once the East Lake plan and SEA are complete, they will help ACTPLA decide what changes need to be made to the Territory Plan, so that development can take place. Public consultation is an important part of any proposed changes to the Territory Plan. 

East Lake consultation video

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Planning studies and documents important to East Lake include the:


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