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December 2018 - Creative consultation

A review of the ACT Government’s Planning Strategy Refresh by the ACT Young Planners Committee

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October 2018 - AIBS Building Surveyor

As those in the industry know, a building isn’t finished until it’s certified. But not everyone can certify your work.

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Australian Building Surveyor - Winter 2018June 2018 - AIBS Building Surveyor

The ACT Government is continuing to strengthen the regulation and integrity of the ACT building industry through the implementation of a number of important regulatory reforms.

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Housing Industry Association - 2 June 2018 June 2018 - HIA Building News

It’s time to take the Housing Choices conversation to the next level. When we engage, collaborate and demonstrate – what can we achieve?

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Article as it appeared in the Canberra Times on 21 April 2018 21 April 2018 - Canberra Times

Whoever thought it could be so complicated to plan a city the size and age of Canberra?

The Territory Plan – the key planning document in the ACT– is 2000 pages long and contains more than 1400 rules and criteria. But what if the whole thing could be whittled down to just one page, or even – wait for it – a paragraph?

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April 2018 - American Planning Association’s National Conference

The Chief Planner attended the American Planning Association’s national conference in New Orleans with the Minister for Planning and Land Management, Mick Gentleman MLA.

The conference brought together thousands of planners, planning commissioners, appointed and elected officials for more than 250 expert-led sessions, mobile workshops and dynamic exhibits that relate directly to the work we're undertaking here in Canberra.

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Article as it appeared in HIA's Building News March 2018 - HIA Building News

As we transition through life, change is inevitable. However, one element remains and that is the need for a place to live. Change sees our life needs shift and with that, our housing needs can also differ through the many phases of our lives.

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Article as it appeared in the Master Builders Association News November 2017 - MBA News

Earlier this month, the ACT Government announced the Housing Choices discussion paper to start a conversation about housing types. The government is keen to broaden the mix of housing in the Territory, in a way that respects the characteristics of neighbourhoods that attract residents in the first place; this is in response to what we heard during the development of the Minister’s Statement of Planning Intent.

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