Meet the Chief Planner

Ben Ponton

Ben Ponton

In April 2017, I was appointed to the role of Director-General of the ACT’s Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate. In addition to my broader Directorate responsibilities, I also have the responsibility as the Chief Planning Executive—a role responsible for the statutory planning framework for planning in the ACT.

I’m a registered town planner with over 25 years’ experience in both the private and government sectors, which I draw on to deliver independent, long-term planning to benefit Canberra’s residents of today and those of tomorrow.

I’m passionate about delivering high quality outcomes through meaningful and effective engagement and am often a guest speaker or participant at local industry and community events. My quarterly column You’re Canberra aims to keep you up to date on the significant planning decisions down to the local issues.

You’re Canberra is a deliberate play on words to emphasise that our city is your city. You are Canberra and it’s the community that helps contribute to the future of the ACT. My commitment is to ensure planning is understood by everyone. Stay in touch and tell us your planning story.