Architects Board of the Australian Capital Territory, 2012-13 Annual Report

The Architects Board (the Board) is constituted under the Architects Act 2004.


Current member

Appointment commenced

Appointment expires

Academic architect

Nino Bellantonio

11 June 2013

11 June 2016

Representative body

Catherine Townsend

3 March 2011

3 March 2014

Registered architect

Alan Morschel

3 March 2011

3 March 2014

Commercial lawyer

Greg Walker

3 March 2011

3 March 2014

Community interests*

Joan Westaway

15 January 2010

15 January 2013

* The community interest position is vacant as at 30 June 2013, with the position to be filled in accordance with statutory requirements.

Board functions

The Architects Board has the following functions:

  • register architects
  • investigate complaints given to the board about registered people and people who have been registered
  • consider whether it is necessary for occupational discipline to be used against registered architects, including former registered architects, and if it is, to apply to the ACAT for occupational discipline orders
  • consider and report to the minister about issues referred to the board by the minister for advice
  • advise the minister about the practice of architecture, for example, about codes of professional conduct
  • further a common and harmonious approach to the administration of legislation about architects by cooperation with local jurisdictions
  • accredit courses of study in architecture
  • provide general advice to consumers about the professional conduct and standards of competence expected of registered architects and
  • the Architects Board may exercise any other function given to the board under this Act or another Territory law.


Registrations made from 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013

Type of registration

No. of registrations

New architects




New organisations


Renewed architects


New mutual recognition


Current registered architects



The Board received three complaints in 2012–13 regarding people pretending to be architects. The Board referred these complaints to officers within ESDD as this type of complaint does not fall within the Board’s jurisdiction. The complaints were investigated and letters sent to the people claiming to provide architectural services advising of their obligations under the Architects Act 2004.

The Board received one complaint regarding conduct and quality of work by an architect. The Board was still investigating this matter at the end of the financial year.

Other activities undertaken by the Architects Board

The Board met four times during 2012–13. Some of the main issues discussed at these meetings included:

  • · the proposed National Recognition of Registration system
  • · architects advertising incorrectly
  • · people offering architectural services without being registered
  • · building quality, and the value-adding that results when architects are involved in an entire construction project
  • · review of Architects Act 2004
  • · introducing a Code of Conduct in the ACT and
  • · improving complaint handling procedures.

Chair of Architects Board of the ACT

Catherine Townsend was first nominated as Chair at the Board meeting of 21 June 2012, and has continued as Chair of the Board since accepting the position.

Review of Architects Act

The Board wishes to note that a commitment to review the Architects Act 2004 was given by Minister Barr in 2010, and to date no review has been instigated. The Board would welcome a review of the Act, which has now been operational for eight years. The Board further notes that changes to the Act will be required in order to facilitate the national register, including adoption of a code of conduct, professional indemnity and continuing professional development requirements similar to the NSW Architects Board.

Architectural practice examination

The ACT Architects Board conducted two sessions of the Architectural Practice Examinations this financial year.

2012–13 Architectural Practice Examination

Architectural Practice Examination results 2012–13

Activity and outcome


Applicants briefed about prospects


Applicants accepted


Part 1—success


Part 2 NEP—success


Part 2 NEP re-sit—success


Part 3A—success


Part 3B—success


Remuneration for board members

Board members are entitled to payment under the Remuneration Tribunal Act 1995.

Payment rates effective as of December 2011

Number of hours



0hr–1hr 59 mins



2hr–2hr 59 mins



3hr +



Maximum daily rate



The Architects Board held four meetings, and one special meeting.

Breakdown of fees per board meeting for 2012–13

Meeting date

Meeting duration

Chair paid

Board members paid

Board member total payments

29 November 2012

2hrs 15min




19 February 2013

1hrs 20min




7 May 2013

2hrs 15min




26 June 2013

2hrs 15min









Fees and charges

Fees collected during the year: $83,661.10

The information contained in this report has been checked and approved by Catherine Townsend, Chair ACT Architects Board.

Further information may be obtained from:

Mrs Rachel Zsuzsa
Acting Registrar of the ACT Architects Board
Telephone: 02 6207 6288