C27 - Property crime reduction

This report was prepared in accordance with the ACT Property Crime Reduction Strategy 2012–15, page 9.

Action item

Programs, projects and/or actions



Replacement of the Spatial Plan with the ACT Planning Strategy.

The ACT Planning Strategy was adopted by the ACT Government on 26 June 2012. It became effective from 1 September 2012 through a Notifiable Instrument.


Review of planning codes incorporating Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles.

CPTED principles predominately align with urban planning and design principles. They are integral to planning at various levels and subsequently not always explicitly noted as CPTED.

ESDD is continuing to investigate options to best incorporate CPTED principles into planning codes. In progressing this work, ESDD will liaise with the Justice and Community Safety Directorate.


ESDD to work with ACT Policing to use crime trend data and local knowledge to identify issues during the master planning of town, group and local centres.

ESDD have consulted with ACT Policing in regard to problems with the existing design of Woden Town Centre, Tuggeranong Town Centre, Mawson group centre and Erindale group centre. These discussions have informed ESDD master planning work. ESDD will continue to liaise with ACT Policing in its master planning work.


Provide in-service training to relevant ESDD personnel on the use of the CPTED General Code.

The assessment of applications against the CPTED General Code is a regular component of the work undertaken by ESDD.

In-service training is provided on an as-needs basis, particularly to staff who are new to the Directorate.