Acronyms used in this report
Acronym Full name
ACAT ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal
ACTGS ACT Government Solicitor’s Office
ACTPS ACT Public Service
AFP Australian Federal Police
AP2 Action Plan 2 – A New Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan for the ACT
CHiP Catchment Health Indicator Program
CMTD Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate (now CMTEDD) (ACT Government)
CNG Carbon Neutral Government
CO2-e carbon dioxide equivalent
COAG Council of Australian Governments
COLA Construction Occupations (Licensing) Act 2004
CPR Conservation Planning and Research
CSS Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme
DA Development Application
EBT Expenses on Behalf of the Territory
EDD Economic Development Directorate (ACT Government)
EDP Estate Development Plan
EEI Act Energy Efficiency (Cost of Living) Improvement Act 2012
EEIS Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme
EIS Environmental Impact Statement
EPA Environment Protection Authority (ACT Government)
EPBC Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (Commonwealth)
EPD Environment and Planning Directorate
EPIC Exhibition Park in Canberra
ERM Enterprise-wide Risk Management
ESC Energy Savings Contribution
ESDD Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate (ACT Government)
ETD Education and Training Directorate (ACT Government)
FOI Act Freedom of Information Act 1989
FTE Full-time Equivalent
GGI Greenhouse Gas Inventory
GHG Greenhouse Gas
GIS Geographic Information System
GL gigalitres
HR Human Resources
HRA Human Rights Act 2004
HSR Health and Safety Representative
kg kilograms
kL kilolitres
kt kilotonnes
kV kilovolt
LDA Land Development Agency (ACT Government)
LED Light-Emitting Diode
LVC Lease Variation Charge
ML megalitres
MW megawatt
MWh megawatt hours
NC Act Nature Conservation Act 1980
NCA National Capital Authority
NEPM National Environment Protection Measures
NRM Natural Resource Management
P&D Act Planning and Development Act 2007
PID Act Public Interest Disclosure Act 2012
PSS Public Sector Superannuation Scheme
PV Photovoltaic
RAO Representative Aboriginal Organisation
RED Respect, Equity and Diversity
RMP Resource Management Plans
SDL Sustainable Diversion Limit
SEA Special employment arrangements
SERBIR Senior Executive Responsible for Business Integrity Risk
SST Safety Support Team
TAMS Territory and Municipal Services Directorate (ACT Government)
tCO2-e tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent
WHS Work Health and Safety
WSUD Water Sensitive Urban Design