Ecologically sustainable development

As noted earlier in this report, the Directorate has responsibility for, among other things, climate change policy, energy policy, energy efficiency programs and environmental sustainability policy. These matters represent core business for the Directorate and are extensively discussed elsewhere. The reporting within this section of the Annual Report is therefore focused primarily on the Directorate’s stewardship of its own resources use.

At the time this report was prepared, Directorate staff were distributed across a number of facilities in the ACT.

Climate change and greenhouse gas

Sustainable development performance 2012–2013 and 2013–2014
Indicator as at 30 June Unit 2012–13 2013–14 Percentage change
Agency staff and area
Agency staff FTE 452.32 423.20 -6%
Workplace floor area Area (m2) 8460.58 8460.58 0%
Stationary energy usage
Electricity use Kilowatt hours 627,149 698,843 11%
Renewable electricity use Kilowatt hours 41,098 34,693 -16%
Natural gas use Megajoules 1,656,854 1,392,181 -16%
Transport fuel usage
Total number of vehicles Number 50 53 6%
Total kilometres travelled Kilometres 1,183,119 1,265,451 7%
Fuel use – Petrol Kilolitres 110.47 111.51 1%
Fuel use – Diesel Kilolitres 13.46 15.015 12%1
Fuel use – Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) Kilolitres 0 0 0%
Fuel use – Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Kilolitres 0 0 0%
Water usage
Water use Kilolitres 3089 3282 -23%
Resource efficiency and waste
Reams of paper purchased Reams 4769 4386 -8%
Recycled content of paper purchased Percentage 13.06 17.35 4.29%
Waste to landfill Litres 342,880 198,100 -42%
Co-mingled material recycled Litres 122,640 127,900 4%
Paper and cardboard recycled (incl. secure paper) Litres 360,720 367,700 2%
Organic material recycled Litres 90,736 94,300 4%
Greenhouse gas emissions
Emissions from stationary energy use Tonnes CO2-e 739.81 816.25 10%
Emissions from transport Tonnes CO2-e 322.05 322.46 0%
Total emissions Tonnes CO2-e 1,061.86 1,138.71 7%

1 The Directorate is transitioning to a more sustainable fleet, including moving to electrical and diesel vehicles.

The move to centralised sustainability data

In June 2014, the Government established an Enterprise Sustainability Platform to provide a consistent approach to reporting sustainability data in future years. The Enterprise Sustainability Platform provides continuously updated, accurate and auditable water, energy (electricity and gas), and GHG emissions data and utility billing cost information for its assets and agencies, a function which has not previously been available. The Enterprise Sustainability Platform was used to provide data for the 2012–13 and 2013–14 annual reports. As more comprehensive reporting is now available, data may be different from that published in the 2012–13 report.

Water quarterly data

As water billing is provided quarterly, the water data reported in this table is taken from the 12 months from 1 May 2013 to 30 May 2014 as the best available data at the time of publishing.

GreenPower purchased for 2013–14

ACT Property Group purchased 7,530 MWh of GreenPower on behalf of the ACT Government, representing 5% of the ACT Government’s energy consumption for 2013–14.