The ACTPS Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate Administrative and Related Classifications Enterprise Agreement 2013–17 provides for increased pay rates for all administrative salary classifications and most allowances effective from 1 July 2013. The agreement has a nominal expiry date of 30 June 2017 and will provide for a total salary increase of 11% over that four year period. Negotiations are continuing in regard to the three remaining Enterprise Agreements relevant to other employees within this Directorate:

With a view to achieving required budgetary measures, the Directorate undertook a review of structure across the Directorate and identified some positions as potentially excess. As a result, eight staff were voluntarily retired during 2013–14.

The Directorate continues to foster positive relationships and all efforts are made to address any industrial concerns at the local level before formal escalation. There were no industrial disputes during 2013–14.

Special employment arrangements (SEAs)
Description No. of individual SEAs No. of group SEAs Total no. of employees covered by group SEAs TOTAL
A B C (A+C)
Number of SEAs as at 30 June 2014 24 2 27 51
Number of SEAs entered into during period 7 0 1 8
Number of SEAs terminated during period
(by ESDD)
4 0 0 4
Number of SEAs providing for privately plated vehicles as at 30 June 2014 Nil Nil Nil Nil
Number of SEAs for employees who have transferred from AWAs during period Nil Nil Nil Nil
Special employment arrangements (SEAs)
Classification Range Remuneration as at 30 June 2014
Individual and group SEAs ASO6 GS1OI2 – GS1OI5 SOC – SOA SPOC – SPOA $73,003 – 91,391 $74,208 – 89,147 $95,957 – 170,471 $104,516 – 153,208
AWAs (includes AWAs ceased during reporting period) N/A N/A