ACAT - ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal
ACTPS - ACT Public Service
AP2 - Action Plan 2 - A New Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan for the ACT
ANU - Australian National University
ARI - Asset Recycling Initiative
ASO - Administrative Services Officer
BOP - Bushfire Operations Plan
BRAMP - Biodiversity Research and Monitoring Program
CCMAG - Climate Change Ministerial Advisory Group
CHMS - Cultural Heritage Management System
CIT - Canberra Institute of Technology
CMTEDD - Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate (ACT Government)
CNG - Carbon Neutral Government
CO2-e - carbon dioxide equivalent
COAG - Council of Australian Governments
CRA - City Renewal Authority
DA - Development application
DV - Draft Variation
EDP - Estate Development Plan
EEI Act - Energy Efficiency (Cost of Living) Improvement Act 2012
EEIS - Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme
EIS - Environmental Impact Statement
EPA - Environment Protection Authority
EPBC - Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Commonwealth)
EPSDD - Environment Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (ACT Government)
EDU - Education and Training Directorate (ACT Government)
ESO - Environmental Significance Opinion
ESP - Enterprise Sustainability Platform
FMA - Financial Management Act 1996
FDI - Fire Danger Index
FTE - Full-time Equivalent
GHG - Greenhouse Gas
GIS - Geographic Information System
HCP - Healthy Country Program
HR - Human Resources
HSR - Health and Safety Representatives
LED - Light-Emitting Diode
LVC - Lease Variation Charge
MW - megawatt
MWh - megawatt hours
NC Act - Nature Conservation Act 2014
NCA - National Capital Authority
NCDRP - National Capital Design Review Panel
NNP - Namadgi National Park
NRM - Natural Resource Management
NTG - Natural Temperate Grassland
P&D Act - Planning and Development Act 2007
PCS - Parks and Conservation Service
PDF - Planning and Design Framework
PEA - Priority Enrolment Area
PV - photovoltaic
RAO - Representative Aboriginal Organisation
RAP - Reconciliation Action Plan
RED - Respect, Equity and Diversity
REIF - Renewable Energy Innovation Fund
RFMP - Regional Fire Management Plans
RLF - Regional Landcare Facilitator
RMP - Resource Management Plans
RTW - Return to work
SDL - Sustainable Diversion Limit
SEA - Special employment arrangements
SERBIR - Senior Executive Responsible for Business Integrity and Risk
SLA - Suburban Land Agency
TA - Technical Amendment
TCCS - Transport Canberra and City Services, formerly Territory and Municipal Services Directorate (ACT Government)
TDDI - Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure program
t CO2-e - tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent
VLO - Vocational Learning Option
WHS - Work Health and Safety