Customer commitments and conduct

The Environment and Planning Directorate (formerly the Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate) is committed to providing quality customer service.


The Environment and Planning Directorate's values underpin everything its staff do to achieve the ACT Government’s policies and, through them, meet the ACT community’s needs. The Environment and Planning Directorate values integrity, trust, respect, professionalism and a customer focus.

The Directorate is currently reviewing our Corporate Plan which will set out our vision, values, goals and key result areas. An updated Plan will be uploaded to the website shortly. 

Business conduct

The Guidelines on Business Conduct guide our business and set out our expectations of staff about decision-making, risk management, managing conflict of interest, dealing with customers and being ethical.


The Environment and Planning Directorate has a Code of Service and Small Business Charter. We conduct regular customer surveys to ensure we provide high standards of service and information.

What we will do for customers

Environment and Planning Directorate staff will:

What we expect of our customers

We expect our customers to: