Corporate documents

Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan 2015-2017 sets the direction and priorities for the planning and land authority. It outlines the strategies and actions we are enacting in carrying out our responsibilities and functions. The Corporate Plan also provides the framework that shapes the services we provide and decisions we make, which in turn respond to the Government's priorities as conveyed in the Canberra Plan and Statement of Planning Intent.

Statement of Planning Intent

While the planning and land authority is responsible for overseeing the proper planning and development of the Territory, it must be guided by the wider policy setting and aspirations of the Government. In this regard, the obligations of the Minister and the authority are clearly expressed in the Planning and Development Act 2007. Section 16 (1) of the Act states that the Minister may give the authority a Statement of Planning Intent:

The Minister may give to the Authority a written statement that sets out the main principles that are to govern planning and land development in the ACT (the statement of planning intent).

The authority must perform its functions taking into consideration the Statement of Planning Intent.

Annual reports

Our annual reports are prepared under Section 5(1) of the Annual Reports (Government Agencies) Act 2004 and in accordance with the requirements referred to in the Chief Minister's Annual Report Directions and other applicable legislation.

Reconciliation Action Plan

The Directorate is committed to creating a healthy environment that is culturally sensitive; builds relationships and drives reconciliation within its workforce. We recognise the importance of a long term commitment to an active Indigenous partnership, with relationships built on mutual respect.

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