Backyard lifeguard tips

Every year children under five drown in backyard pools accidents we can help prevent.

It’s not only kids that live at houses with swimming pools that drown, kids of friends and relatives that may be visiting or neighbouring properties are also at risk. As a community we are all responsible for safety around pools and together we can reduce the risk of children drowning in swimming pools in the ACT.

If you own or live near a pool, we want you to be a backyard lifeguard. Because the more backyard lifeguards we have, the more children in our community we can keep safe.

Here are our tips on how to be a backyard lifeguard:

closely supervise your kids at all times

check your pool barriers meet the current safety standards

keep your barriers clear of objects and plants that kids can use to climb into the pool area

teach your kids to swim and be safe around pools

learn how to resuscitate

ensure your pool gate is shut at all times

To check the safety of your pool barrier download a copy of our pool barrier safety checklist.

Complementary to our tips for being a backyard lifeguard, Royal Life Saving has a number of useful resources including the following Keep Watch factsheets:

Kids Alive also provide a number of engaging and informative educational resources to help children and adults learn the importance of pool safety and the steps to reduce the risk of young children drowning.

For more information about pool safety we encourage people to visit our key campaign partner websites: