There are certain approvals you will need before you start your building or renovation project.

You may also need approvals during and after construction.

Before construction

Depending on what you are planning to do, you may require:


Some structures may be exempt from either or both development and building approval, if they meet certain criteria.

See the list of exempt work.

Remember, even if your project is exempt from a DA or BA, it may still need another type of approval or inspections of plumbing or electrical work.

Once all the necessary approvals have been applied for and granted, construction work may commence.

Other approvals

You may need to seek other approvals if you are:

For certain plumbing work, you will also need to appoint a plumbing plan certifier to approve the plumbing plans.

During construction

There will be notifications and inspections required during construction, and at the completion of construction. This helps to ensure the work is carried out in accordance with relevant ACT laws, standards and codes.

During construction, you may need:

After construction

If your certifier determines the building work is satisfactory and meets the requirements set in the ACT, they will issue a certificate of completion to the ACT Government.

You can then apply for a certificate of occupancy or use, which includes any outstanding regulatory fees, before you can occupy or use the building. This is also required should you wish to sell the property.

More information

Design and building practitioners can help you prepare plans and seek approvals.

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