Appeal a DA decision

In some situations, you can request for a development approval decision to be:


You can apply for reconsideration if a:

You cannot apply if:

Lodge a reconsideration form within 20 working days of being told about the decision and pay the fees.

We’ll review a reconsideration in 20 working days, unless the timeframe is extended by agreement between the planning and land authority and the applicant.

You can also ask the ACT Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal (ACAT) to review the decision if you are dissatisfied with the reconsidered decision. Note, we are unable to accept a reconsideration application once an appeal is lodged with ACAT.

ACAT appeals

You can lodge an application to review the decision with ACAT within 20 working days of being told about the decision.

You can appeal if:

You cannot apply if:

Who can ask for a decision to be reviewed and who can appeal a decision is set out in Schedule 1 of the Planning and Development Act 2007.

Review by third parties

ACAT reviews by third parties:

Third party applicants must:

Material detriment means the development would adversely affect the person's use or enjoyment of their land. Increased business competition is not considered to be material detriment.

More information about appealing a decision in the ACAT is contained in a notice of decision, which is sent to all parties who made representations about a development.

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