Other exempt developments

Certain developments can be built without development approval if they meet the requirements of the Planning and Development Regulation 2008.

Electric vehicle charging points

Electric vehicle charging points of not more than 2.5m in height and 2m2 in plan area may be exempt from development approval. They must be installed in consultation with the electricity utility provider.

Rural leases

Rural landholders may be able to build sheds, silos and other structures up to 216m² in plan area on their rural leases without development approval. These structures still need to go through the building approval and certification process.


Schools can carry out some minor works without development approval. These works may include:

  • entrances
  • verandahs
  • signs
  • playground and exercise equipment
  • fences
  • shade structures
  • covered external walkways
  • flag poles
  • water tanks
  • landscape gardening
  • car parks
  • bicycle enclosures
  • toilet and change room facilities
  • driveways
  • demountable buildings
  • class B structures
  • security cameras and external lighting

Schools in bushfire prone areas will need agreement for these types of minor works from the emergency services commissioner to ensure they meet the relevant bushfire safety standards.

More information

Contact the DA Gateway Team on 02 6205 2888 or submit an enquiry using the Land, Planning and Building enquiries form.