Before you start

The basics

Get to know the processes involved in building, buying or renovating different types of homes in the ACT.

There may be different processes and requirements depending on whether you are:

Building 101 explains things you should expect during the design and build process, and things you might need to do so your project complies with ACT laws.

Create your wish list

Before you begin searching for a new home or contacting designers or builders, write a wish list to capture your building or renovation ideas and requirements. This will help you, your builder and other people you engage understand your expectations throughout the project.

When developing your wish list, consider:

It is a good idea to prioritise your wish list as your budget and your site may not be appropriate for everything you want. Regardless of what is on your list, any new building work will need to meet the minimum standards for safety, health, amenity and sustainability that apply to the work.

Design resources

You can get ideas for the design and internal features of your new home or renovation from industry bodies and attending display houses, showrooms and expos. Make sure you ask whether any products and materials you are considering can be used for the purpose you want and meet any relevant regulations and standards.

You could engage an architect or building designer to help with the design of your home.

General design information is available from the Your Home website.

Design requirements, codes and standards

New buildings, alterations and additions to existing buildings including plumbing, gasfitting and electrical work, will need to meet required standards for safety, health, amenity and sustainability.

Find out more about codes and standards that may apply to your project.

Access building files

You may need to access existing building files before you extend or renovate.

The owner of a block, or someone you give consent to, can access files by:

An application fee applies for all building file searches. Copies of plans/documents vary in price depending on the size of the document.

Your responsibilities

As a land owner, it is your responsibility to:

More information

Find out more about:

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