Certificates of occupancy or use

For most new building work, including new buildings or additions to existing buildings, you need a certificate of occupancy or use before you can occupy or use the building, or new part of the building. A certificate will specify the class of building, which indicates the type of occupancy and uses applying to the building.

Certificates of occupancy and use are issued if the building work and any associated electrical, gasfitting and plumbing work have been certified as complete and compliant.

A certificate of occupancy or use can be refused if the work does not comply with relevant laws and standards and the building is not considered fit to occupy.

It is against the law to occupy or use a building until a certificate of occupancy or use for the purpose it will be used is issued. This includes using an existing building for a different purpose, such as changing a single house to a boarding house.

How to apply

The owner of the building, or the land the building is located on, can apply for a certificate of occupancy or use after the relevant building work is complete. For work that requires a building certifier, your building certifier will need to have issued a certificate of completion before the certificate can be issued.

Once issued, certificates of occupancy or use are emailed back to the applicant.

Fees apply.

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