Buying into unit living

New legislation commenced 1 November 2020

Important information about the changes and who they apply to.

Unit title property in the ACT is typically:

Some office buildings and commercial properties are also unit title properties.

Buying a unit in the ACT

There are rules for managing unit titled buildings. It’s important to be aware of the financial, legal and other considerations involved when you purchase a unit.

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Whether you are buying a unit off-the-plan or not, these guides can help you navigate the process. They’ll help you ask the right questions at each stage of the purchase and to know the kinds of obligations you’ll face once you have purchased a unit.

It is always worthwhile to seek independent advice on any legal and financial issues.

Thinking of buying a unit or apartment in the ACT?

Understand your rights and obligations, such as:

Download Thinking of buying a unit or apartment in the ACT (PDF 131 KB) to learn more.

Thinking of buying a unit or apartment off-the-plan in the ACT?

Get to know the important points, such as:

Download Thinking of buying a unit or apartment off-the-plan in the ACT (PDF 128 KB) to learn more.

Owning a unit in the ACT

If you already own a unit in the ACT, there are important things to be aware of which will have an impact on you and your property in the long term.

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While you may still need independent advice, these guides give you information on what you may need to consider, when and where to seek additional support, and who bears responsibility for different aspects of unit maintenance.

Unit titles management in the ACT

Understand the legislation which guides your obligations and responsibilities, including:

Download Unit titles management in the ACT: What you need to know (PDF 551 KB) to learn more.

Multi-unit residential building maintenance

Understand how to care for your unit and contribute to the maintenance of the property by knowing:

Download the Multi-unit residential building maintenance guide (PDF 563 KB) to learn more.


Disputes can arise between unit owners, people living in units, and members of the owners’ corporation’s executive committee.

Find out how to resolve disputes or make a complaint about planning and building matters.

More information

Find out more about:

Arrangements for which land in the ACT can be subdivided into units with common property is governed by the:

Owners, managers and others involved in managing unit plans can understand their roles in the day-to-day activities by reviewing the:

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