During construction

There will be certain inspections required during construction of your build or renovation project. These may include inspections from a building certifier or an Access Canberra inspector. There may also be inspections required for electrical, plumbing or gasfitting work.

There may be other approvals you need to source at different stages of your project, including for driveways or tree removal.


Owner–builders have responsibilities for construction and overseeing building work. Find out more about owner–builder responsibilities.

A safe construction site

People in control of a building site are responsible for the health and safety of any person who may be affected by the building work on the site, and for any visitors to the site. If you want to see the progress of building work you will need to make reasonable arrangements for a time to attend and follow all safety instructions when you are on site.

There are certain requirements for signage, fencing, amenities and supervision of people working on site under work health and safety laws.

Find out about construction site management.

On completion

Your final step will be to make an application for a certificate of occupancy or use once a building certifier has lodged a certificate of completion.

If things go wrong

In the unfortunate situation where there is a dispute between you and your builder or other professional, there are options for you to resolve your dispute or make a complaint.

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