Additional requirements for new and renewing applicants

From 1 July 2019, changes to licensing processes for new applicants and renewals will be rolled out. Applicants for a new licence or renewal will need to complete new forms, which include additional declarations in relation to financial and criminal history. For applicants for builder and building surveyor licences, new forms will also include an authorisation for the Registrar to obtain a criminal history check.

For new corporation and partnership licences, each director and partner will need to make their own declarations, rather than a single person making declarations on behalf of others.

A new appointment of a nominee form now also includes declarations in relation to eligibility and that potential nominees have read and understood the Construction occupations licensing - guide for nominees of a corporation or partnership.

Licensing staff may also contact you or other parties to confirm information you have provided in accordance with the authorisations in the forms. This may include information about solvency and other eligibility requirements for licensees.


Criminal history checks

Do I have to supply a criminal check with my application?

No, Access Canberra will obtain the check.

Is there an extra fee for the check?

No, the cost is covered in your licence application fee.

What if I don’t give my permission for the check?

There are criminal history matters that make a person ineligible to hold a licence. If you refuse a check of your eligibility, your licence may be refused.

What gives the Registrar the authority to ask for a criminal history check?

It is the Registrar’s responsibility to confirm that a licensee is eligible to hold a licence.

Why is it only builders and building surveyors?

The requirements start with builder and building surveyor licences because the ACT building regulatory reforms relate to those licenced occupations. However, criminal history checks may also be phased in for other occupations in the future.

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