Corporation and partnership licence

If a corporation or partnership wants to provide, or advertise to provide, certain construction services in the ACT it will need a licence. This includes construction services by a:

Corporations and partnerships are not eligible to hold licences in other occupations under the Construction Occupations (Licensing) Act.

Other business types, such as trusts, are not eligible to be licensed and cannot provide work that requires a licence.

Corporations and partnerships must have at least one nominee to be eligible to be licensed.


In addition to the usual licensing documentation, other eligibility criteria apply:


Your nominee is an individual who is licensed to undertake a construction occupation in the ACT. Corporations or partnerships must appoint one or more valid nominee/s to supervise the construction service that will be authorised under that licence.

Nominee eligibility

To be appointed as nominee individuals must:

The appointment must state the services for which the nominee is responsible. A nominee may only carry out the functions in relation to the construction services their appointment is for and can't exercise functions in relation to work that the nominee is not licensed to do.

A nominee for a corporation must be a current director or an employee of the company they intend to be appointed to. A nominee for a partnership must be a partner or the nominee of a corporation that is a partner in the partnership.

If a licensed corporation or partnership has more than one nominee they must keep a written record of the construction services each nominee is responsible for supervising. Between them, the nominees must be able to adequately supervise all the construction services to be provided at all times.

Individuals automatically stop being nominees if they are no longer eligible, including if disciplinary action results in disqualification. A construction occupation licensee must notify the Construction Occupations Registrar in writing within two weeks after the day the person becomes or stops being a director or nominee.

Start your application

To start your corporation and partnership licence application, collect your evidence and review the fees. Then complete and lodge:

Note, you can start an online application and save it to return to later. Your application won’t be submitted until the documents are lodged and fee paid.


An assessment and decision on a complete application is estimated to take a minimum of four weeks from the date the application is received.

If your application is incomplete, or we need more information or verification, the assessment will take more time. Requests for more information will be sent to you via email.

Assessments of applications will not be fast tracked in any circumstances.

Your responsibilities

If granted a corporation and partnership licence, the corporation or partnership is responsible for the administration and compliance requirements of that licence. This includes:

Resigning as a Nominee (revocation of a nominee’s appointment)

Nominees may resign their appointment only with the approval of the Construction Occupations Registrar. The Registrar must be satisfied that:

The Construction Occupation Nominees Appointment or Removal smartform is to be used for the appointment or removal of nominees under the Construction Occupations (Licensing) Act 2004. Please ensure that the nominee and a Director of the company or Partner of the partnership have consented to this form being completed.

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