In the ACT, electrician must be licensed under the Construction Occupations (Licensing) Act 2004 and meet all the eligibility requirements.

Before you apply for an electrician licence, you will need to collect evidence of your qualifications and eligibility. The evidence you need will depend on the class of licence you are applying for.

If you got your licence under previous legislative requirements, you may need to meet the new requirements.

Licence classes

The main categories of electrician licences are:

Permits can be issued to individuals who have not yet attained the full qualifications for the unrestricted licence. A permit holder must only perform wiring work under the direct supervision of an individual who is fully licensed and who has not been restricted from supervising in their conditions.

Unrestricted electrician

Electrotechnology systems permit

Generally, you would apply for this permit so you can get the practical wiring experience required to upgrade to the unrestricted electrician licence.

Restricted – Electrotechnology systems assembly and servicing electrical fitting

Restricted – Electrotechnology systems mechanical fitting

Restricted – Electrotechnology systems plumbing and gasfitting

Restricted – Electrotechnology systems refrigeration and air-conditioning

Restricted – Electrotechnology systems type B gas appliances

Mandatory qualifications

You need to meet mandatory qualifications to apply for your electrician licence. You have options based on which licence class you are applying for. These are explained in the Construction Occupations (Licensing) (Mandatory Qualifications) Declaration 2017 (No 1) .

Where multiple methods are listed for a particular licence class, you are only required to meet one of the methods listed.

Interstate licence holders

You may be able to apply for an ACT licence if you’re already licensed in another state or territory. Find out more about mutual recognition.

Start your application

To start your electrician licence application, collect your evidence and review the fees. Then complete and lodge:

Note, you can start an online application and save it to return to later. Your application won’t be submitted until the documents are lodged and fee paid.


The assessment of your application will take at least four weeks.

If your application is incomplete, or we need more information or verification, the assessment will take more time. Requests for more information will be sent to you via email.

Assessments of applications will not be fast tracked in any circumstances.

Your responsibilities

If granted an electrician licence, you are responsible for the administration and requirements of that licence. This includes:

Corporations or partnerships intending to provide electrical wiring services (doing or supervising electrical wiring work) will need to hold an electrician licence in the appropriate category.

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