Plumbing plan certifier licence

In the ACT, plumbing plan certifiers must be licensed under the Construction Occupations (Licensing) Act 2004 and meet all the eligibility requirements.


To be a licensed plumbing plan certifier, you need to have one of the following sets of qualifications.

1. Registration

2. Licences and experience

Attainment of:

Interstate licence holders

You may be able to apply for an ACT licence if you’re already licensed in another state or territory. Find out more about mutual recognition.

Start your application

To start your plumbing plan certifier licence application, collect your evidence and review the fees. Then complete and lodge:

Note, you can start an online application and save it to return to later. Your application won’t be submitted until the documents are lodged and fee paid.


The assessment of your application will take at least four weeks.

If your application is incomplete, or we need more information or verification, the assessment will take more time. Requests for more information will be sent to you via email.

Assessments of applications will not be fast tracked in any circumstances.

Your responsibilities

If granted a works assessor licence, you are responsible for the administration and requirements of that licence. This includes:

Other licences

If you have a corporation or partnership and intend to contract, sub-contract and/or advertise to carry out a construction service in the ACT, you will also need a corporation or partnership licence.

More information

Find out how to:

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