Interval metering endorsements

If you hold an unrestricted electrician licence, you can apply to be endorsed to undertake interval metering work.

When this endorsement is needed

Businesses that intend to provide and advertise for metering services (i.e. doing or supervising interval metering work) will need to hold the appropriate electrical licence and include their licence number in their advertising.

To be able to offer a metering service, corporations and partnerships that hold an ACT electrical contractor licence will need to appoint a nominee who has the licence endorsement to perform interval metering work.

If your business is advertising to arrange metering services for people but not to provide them directly, you do not need to hold a licence but must indicate in any advertising that you will not be providing the service and will contract licensed and endorsed practitioners to undertake the work.


To be eligible, you have to successfully complete the following units of competency provided by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO):

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Alternative eligibility

You may be eligible for endorsement if, no more than three years prior to date of application, you:

How to apply

To start your endorsement application, collect your evidence and review the fees. Then complete and lodge:

More information

Find out how to:

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