Mutual recognition

If you are licensed in a construction occupation (such as a builder or electrician) in another jurisdiction, you may be able to apply for an equivalent licence in the ACT.

Agreements exist between state and territory regulators around Australia and in New Zealand under the Mutual Recognition Act 1992 (Cwlth).

Who can apply?

Mutual recognition may be available to licensed:

Conditions and endorsements

To make the licence equivalent in the ACT, conditions or endorsements may be imposed on your licence.

Conditions or endorsements cannot be removed through the mutual recognition process.

If you wish to alter your licence, you need to make an application for a new licence in the ACT.

Start your application

Review the fees, then complete and lodge the Application for equivalent occupation in the ACT under mutual recognition.

Note, the state or territory that issued your original licence is 'the first state'. The equivalent licence if applying in the ACT is called 'the second state'.

More information

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