Renew or update a licence

Additional requirements for new and renewing applicants

From 1 July 2019, applicants for a new licence or renewal will need to complete new forms, including additional declarations in relation to financial and criminal history. For applicants for builder and building surveyor licences, new forms include an authorisation for the Registrar to obtain a criminal history check. For new corporation and partnership licences, each director and partner will need to make their own declarations, rather than a single person making declarations on behalf of others. Read more...

Update your details

If any of your details have changed, complete the update the details of your licence or registration form.

Replacement cards

If your licence card is lost, stolen or damaged, complete an application for a replacement card form.

This form is only to be used for relevant licences, registrations and cards issued in the ACT.

Fees do apply.


You are responsible for ensuring that your licence is valid at all times when you are undertaking a construction service.

You must renew your licence prior to expiry. Additional fees and examinations may apply if you let your licence lapse. You will receive a reminder SMS and email notification to advise prior to expiry.

To renew your licence, review the fees then complete the licence renewal form.

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