Electrical inspections

All electrical wiring work must be tested and certified by the licensed electrician or electrical contractor who carried out the work.

Access Canberra randomly inspects completed electrical work, and audits all new installations. New installations are not to be energised until they have passed their electrical audit by Access Canberra electrical inspectors.

Poor performers are inspected regularly and good performers are inspected less regularly. Disciplinary action may result for practitioners found in breach of legislation. Failure to submit a certificate of electrical safety form may also delay the certificate of occupancy or use.

Before beginning work

Electricians may request attendance of an electrical inspector to provide compliance advice before completing the electrical installation.

When work is ready for inspection

When the electrical work is ready for inspection, lodge a certificate of electrical safety form within 14 days of testing the work. Provide a detailed list of the work done including any tests for compliance. Also provide a copy to the electrical installation owner.

The electrician is not required to be on site when the Access Canberra electrical inspector is there, but if you would like to be in attendance, contact us on 02 6207 7775 to arrange an appointment.

Additional supporting information, such as dossiers or compliance certificates can be emailed to electrical.inspections@act.gov.au

A separate certificate of electrical safety form is required for each of these:

New electrical work

Electrical work is considered new when:

On a new building project, all work is new work until the certificate of occupancy or use is issued.

Exemption from new work for building class 1 and 2 buildings include:


Electrical work is considered to be an alteration when:

Clause 1.9.3 of AS/NZS 3000:2018 forms the basis of these guidelines and should be read in conjunction with this.


Electrical work is considered to be a repair if:

Get guidance on repairs to Photovoltaic (PV) systems.


Before main switchboards are given authorisation to be energised they must:

Other requirements include:

For a switch room environment:

For switchboards with maximum demand or supply of 80Amps per phase or higher:

Safety services

As per AS/NZS 3000:2018 Clause 7.2 protective devices shall be selected so:

To comply with this clause:

Please note all points in this notice also need to be checked against the distributor’s Service and Installation Rules. All requirements must also be met. Service and installation rules for the ACT can be found at Evoenergy.

Defect notices

When an electrical inspector finds an electrical installation that is not compliant to the Wiring Rules (AS/NZS 3000) the electrician who tested the electrical installation and signed the certificate of electrical safety may be issued a defect notice.

In most cases the notice will include:

Requesting a review of a defect notice

To request more information from the electrical inspector, or seek a review of the defect notice:

  1. Call the electrical inspector. Their mobile number is on the report.
  2. If you would like a review from a senior electrical inspector, contact us.
  3. Where you feel the defect is in error and you are unable to resolve the differing views with the issuing inspector and their supervisor, contact the Deputy Registrar (Electrical) in writing stating your reasons for the review by email to cola.registrar@act.gov.au.
  4. After following the above process and you would still like a review, write to the Registrar of Construction Occupations stating your reasons for the review and mail to:

The Registrar of Construction Occupations
Access Canberra
GPO Box 158
Canberra ACT 2601


Due to privacy considerations, we can only communicate with the electrician whom the defect notice was issued to. Where a licensed electrical contractor is noted on the certificate of electrical safety, we’ll communicate with the nominee of that licensed electrical contractor.

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