Licensed construction practitioners have responsibilities associated with their licence, including:

Licence responsibilities

The Construction Occupations (Licensing) Act 2004 includes licensing requirements and obligations for:

Registered architects are regulated under the Architects Act 2004.

Evidence of licence and insurance

People looking to hire you are entitled to ask to see your licence, including any endorsements, conditions or restrictions. They can also check if your licence is current on the list of construction practitioners.

If you hold a construction occupations licence before providing a construction service to a client, you must give the client evidence of any insurance you hold in relation to the service (Licensing Act, s47). This applies even if the client has not asked if you have insurance.

Bankruptcy or personally insolvent

If you are a licensee and you become bankrupt or insolvent you must notify the Construction Occupations Registrar within 24 hours as this may affect your eligibility to continue to hold a licence. Insolvency may also trigger an automatic suspension of the licence.

Offences involving fraud, dishonesty and violence

If you are found guilty in the ACT or anywhere else of an offence involving fraud, dishonesty or violence that is punishable by imprisonment for at least a year, you must notify the Construction Occupations Registrar within 24 hours. This applies whether you were sentenced to imprisonment or not. Being convicted of these types of offences can make you ineligible to hold a licence.


When a licensed corporation, partnership or individual advertises their construction service, they need to include in the advertisement:

Change of licence details

For all changes to your licence details, including contact details, you must tell the Construction Occupations Registrar within two weeks of the change.

Other requirements

Licensees must also comply with the relevant standards and practice requirements for the type of work you are carrying out.

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