Architect responsibilities

Services provided by an architect or architectural firm need to comply with the Architects Act 2004.

Architects design buildings and can manage the design and construction process. Architects can assist in setting a budget, guide you through approval processes, obtain quotes for work, and manage consultants if needed.

Architects have several professional responsibilities when providing architectural services.


Individuals who provide an architectural service must hold a registration as an architect in the ACT.


Architects must be registered to advertise architectural services. If you are registered, your advertisement can refer to the terms registered architect, architect and architectural services and must include your full name and registration number, or in the case of a firm, the full name of the primary nominee and registration number.


Architects need to show evidence of the insurance they hold to a client before providing a service. This includes advising a client that they do not have insurance if that is the case.

You may ask a client to sign an acknowledgment that they have been told about your insurance arrangements. The acknowledgment must state the time and date it was given. If the client signs the acknowledgement, you must immediately give them a copy. In the case of a dispute, you will need to provide proof you advised your client of insurance arrangements.


Something gone wrong with the services provided by an architect or their conduct?

The first step is to try to resolve it with the architect and their company/organisation. Often the matters are contractual and can be resolved effectively between parties.

However if you are not satisfied by the outcome, the matter is unresolved, or the complaint is about an architect’s registration or conduct, you can lodge a complaint with Access Canberra.

Access Canberra can investigate any contraventions of the Architects Act 2004 or the Fair Trading (Australian Consumer Law) Act 1992.

Complaints may result in disciplinary action for architects.

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