Building assessor responsibilities

Building assessors must complete work and operate according to the:

Energy efficiency rating statements must meet the requirements of the Construction Occupations (Licensing) Building Energy Efficiency Assessment Sale and Lease of Residential Premises Code of Practice 2016.


Building assessors must be licensed to perform any energy efficiency certificates or energy efficiency rating statements in the ACT.


Building assessors are expected to have insurance to cover situations that may be legally challenged by a client who believes the assessor has provided incorrect ACT House Energy Rating Scheme (ACTHERS) assessment information.

Assessors need to indemnify themselves against any claims for losses or damages of any nature that may occur as a result of any act or omission made in the assessment.

Notifications, inspections and approvals

Class A building assessors who are conducting site assessments for the purposes of sale of premises advertising must lodge energy efficiency rating statements and accompanying documents to the registrar within 10 working days.

For mandatory disclosure ratings the assessor must give you a copy of the energy rating statement. The statement needs to have, on the first page:

A rating summary sheet should be attached with a detailed house data table and, for properties that have been occupied and are being sold, an 'Improving your rating' sheet and, in cases where a statutory declaration is to be provided, a signed, dated and witnessed declaration.

Random site assessments of sale of premises properties are conducted by compliance officers to verify site findings with building assessor supplied energy efficiency rating statements. Discrepancies in these findings are raised with the building assessor.

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