Electrician responsibilities

Electricians must do or supervise electrical wiring work in accordance with the:

Electricians should also make sure that any work they do does not affect compliance with other laws, such as bringing a building out of compliance with the building code.


Electricians must be licensed to perform any electrical wiring work in the ACT.

Evidence of insurance

Electricians need to show evidence of their insurance to a client before providing a service. This includes advising the client if they do not have insurance.

Safety compliance

Electricians should stay up-to-date with:

Notifications, inspections and approvals

Electricians must submit a Certificate of Electrical Safety to the Electrical Inspectorate and the land owner within seven days of completing electrical wiring work.

The Electrical Inspectorate is responsible for inspecting all new electrical installations in the ACT.

Arrange an inspection after submitting a Certificate of Electrical Safety on:

Find out more about electrical inspections and certificates.

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