Owner–builder responsibilities

Owner–builders take on the same responsibilities as a licensed builder to do or supervise building work and ensure the building work they are the licensee for:


Owner–builders must operate according to:


Owner–builders must be licensed to complete work that requires building approval.

Owner–builders who employ or sub-contract other people to carry out building work, and other work such as electrical, plumbing and gasfitting, must make sure these people are appropriately qualified and, if required, licensed.


Owner–builders do not need residential building insurance (also called warranty insurance). However, as you are in control of the building site, you do need to be aware of other insurance requirements such as workers' compensation for any workers that are involved in the project.

Owner–builders can check with their insurance provider for advice on insurance needs, including public liability and increasing the house insurance to cover additions.

Construction compliance

Owner–builders should stay up-to-date with:

Notifications, inspections and approvals

An owner–builder will need to make an application for a commencement notice to their building certifier before they can start building work. The work can start once the certifier has issued the commencement notice. Owner–builders must inform the building certifier when the work requires inspection.

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