Plumber, drainer and gasfitter responsibilities

Licensed plumbers, drainers and gasfitters must do or supervise work in accordance with the:


Plumbers, drainers and gasfitters must be licensed to perform any plumbing, drainage or gasfitting work in the ACT.

Evidence of insurance

Plumbers, drainers and gasfitters need to show evidence of their insurance to a client before providing a service. This includes advising the client if they do not have insurance.

Safety compliance

Plumbers, drainers and gasfitters should stay up-to-date with:

Notifications, inspections and approvals

Plumbers and drainers must notify Access Canberra:

Certified final drainage and plumbing plans must be registered with us before booking a final inspection.

Gasfitters are required to inspect and test appliances immediately after completing appliance work, to ensure they operate as per manufacturer's instructions and specifications. Gas installations may be inspected. Gasfitters must provide compliance certificates to Access Canberra on completion of all gasfitting work.

Gasfitters must also notify Access Canberra of any unsafe appliances and defect tags.

Appointment times for inspections can be made by contacting our Mitchell Service Centre. All work notified must be available to inspect.

Find out more about plumbing inspections and gasfitting inspections.

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