Single residential waterways calculator

Use this spreadsheet to calculate the water consumption of single residential dwellings with and without water saving features.

Download the calculator (XLS 2.9MB)

Information you will need

To use the spreadsheet calculator, you will need to know:

Insert these details into the light green cells.

Calculating water ratings

Tap and shower water ratings can be measured by using a stop watch and a bucket:

  1. Turn on the tap/shower to full and measure the volume of water used in 15 seconds
  2. Multiply by 4 to get the water consumption for a minute (L/min)
  3. Compare this water consumption with the Star rating table located on the indoor tab in the water reduction calculator

Most modern appliances have a water consumption rating.

Star ratingWater saving
1 star Little or no water saving features
2 star Minimal water saving features
3 star Moderate water saving features, now the minimum standard of water saving required in the ACT for fittings
4 star Good water saving features
5 star High water saving features

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