Strata reform

The ACT Government is improving how mixed-use developments are managed in Canberra. A mixed-use development is where residential and commercial operations co-exist, for example apartments with restaurants on the ground floor.

Our current legislation to manage these types of buildings is complex and outdated. As our city grows, these types of buildings are becoming more common. We are changing the system to make sure it is fair, equitable, efficient and flexible. The focus of this reform project is on mixed use developments, however reform measures will potentially also be of benefit to existing and new residential only developments.

We have identified three major areas for reform within mixed-use developments:

Over the next two years the government will be developing changes to the legalisation with a strong focus on equity for unit owners and commercial operators in consultation with a stakeholder group, made up of industry and peak bodies.

The reforms are being delivered under a staged approach and structured to realise reforms in the most effective and timely way possible.

An initial group of reforms are anticipated to be implemented from late 2019 and subject to Government consideration potentially cover a range of changes to strata legislation including addressing areas such as the equitable funding of building and services costs, administrative efficiencies around meeting and voting processes and increased flexibility in the setting up of units plans (strata schemes) for mixed use developments.

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