Impact Track Development Approval Notices

The following links provide access to impact track development approval notices. These links are provided for approvals made after 3 April 2015, in accordance with Section 170 (4) of the amended Planning and Development Act 2007.


Notifiable Instrument numberTitle
NI2019-497 Planning and Development (Approval of Application – DA201935514 Canberra Brickworks Precinct Access Road and Dudley Street Upgrade) Notice 2019


Notifiable Instrument numberTitle
NI2018-12 Planning and Development (Approval of Application – 201732556 Mugga Lane Haul Road, Jerrabomberra) Notice 2018
NI2018-179 Planning and Development (Approval of Application – 201732627 Duplication of Horse Park Drive from the Federal Highway to Well Station Drive) Notice 2018
NI2018-223 Planning and Development (Approval of Application – 201732569 Construction of a six-storey mixed-use building on Block 2 Section 67 Kingston) Notice 2018
NI2018-643 Planning and Development (Approval of Application – 201732485 ACT Second Electricity Supply Project) Notice 2018
NI2018-644 Planning and Development (Approval of Application – 201732500 ACT Second Electricity Supply Project) Notice 2018


Notifiable Instrument numberTitle
NI2017-82 Approval of Application – 201629965 Horse Park Drive Duplication, Block 776 and Block 2 Section 119 Gungahlin
NI2017-178 Approval of Application – 201630331 Williamsdale 132kV Electrical Line Connection
NI2017-413 Approval of Application – 201731411 Removal and Replacement of Two Underground Fuel Storage Tanks Mitchell
NI2017-414 Approval of Application – 201731062 Kaleen Caltex Service Station Redevelopment
NI2017-504 Approval of Application – 201630664 Removal of Underground Fuel Tanks in Mitchell


Notifiable Instrument numberTitle
NI2016-20 Approval of application – 201528441 Extension of Manning Clark Crescent, Gungahlin
NI2016-127 Approval of Application – 201528071 Horse Park Drive Duplication, Gungahlin
NI2016-129 Approval of application – 201528509 Mugga Lane Landfill Expansion, Jerrabomberra
NI2016-142 Approval of Application – 201528186 Williamsdale Solar Farm, Tuggeranong
NI2016-257 Approval of Application – 201628929 Taylor Estate Development Plan and Off Site Works
NI2016-656 Approval of Application – 201629942 Estate Development Plan for Weston Service Station


Notifiable Instrument numberTitle
NI2015-388 Approval of application – 201425067 Caravan Park and Camping Ground with Ancillary Uses, Stage 1, Block 799 Gungahlin
NI2015-508 Approval of application – 201527669 Throsby Estate Development Plan and off site works
NI2015-626 Approval of application – 201527738 Relocation of 132kV overhead transmission lines to an underground cable, Lawson
NI2015-650 Approval of application – 201527285 University of Canberra Hospital
NI2015-735 Approval of application – 201528511 Light Rail Stage 1 Gungahlin to the City