There are two types of approvals for new development—development approval and building approval.

For some houses and projects you don’t need to lodge an application for development approval if certain requirements are met.

However, while your development may be exempt from needing development approval it may need building approval or approval from the Transport Canberra and City Services.

The requirements for exemptions vary according to the type of project. A complete list of developments that are exempt from development approval and the relevant criteria and requirements can be found in Schedule 1 of the Planning and Development Regulation 2008.

The development must not breach the Heritage Act 2004 or the Tree Protection Act 2005 . Please refer to the Transport Canberra and City Services website for more information on trees and heritage.

Below is a list of some kinds of development that may be exempt from needing development approval if they meet certain requirements. For more information, call the Customer Service Centre on phone: 02 6207 1923.

General exemption criteria