Exemption from development approval

You do not need development approval for a driveway across a road verge if it complies with the provisions set out in Schedule 1, Part 1.3, Division 1.3.1, Section 1.30 of the Planning and Development Regulation 2008.

Please note that driveways may be subject to rules from the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD), Transport Canberra City Services (TCCS) and ACT Heritage.

TCCS provides information on driveways including design requirements and Design standards for urban infrastructure: driveways.

Resealing existing driveways

Resealing an existing driveway does not require development approval if 1 or more of the following materials is used:

  • concrete (including coloured or patterned concrete)
  • bitumen
  • pavers, including bricks
  • timber
  • grass, including stabilising treatment

Different exemption rules apply to rural blocks. See Schedule 1, Part 1.3, Division 1.3.5, Section 1.85 of the regulation.

If the site is on national land you should contact the National Capital Authority for development approval.

If you are still unsure whether your development is exempt you should check the regulation or phone 6207 1923.

A building certifier can ensure plans and work are completed in accordance with the law.

Exemption from building approval

Driveways that are built on the ground, do not span above the ground and are not part of a building are not regulated by building approval legislation.

For more information phone 6207 1923.