Driveways in Non Heritage Areas

Approvals needed

In non-heritage areas, if you are replacing the existing driveway using the same building materials and not modifying the original shape, size or location of the driveway, you do not need development approval from us, but you will need to contact City Services for form-work inspection prior to the construction.

Garages and carports are sometimes exempt from development and/or building approval however, you still require approval from City Services if you are constructing a new driveway, adding a second driveway or modifying an existing driveway.

Parking for commercial and mixed-use developments requires development approval and the facilities require building approval before they are constructed.

Development approval

For driveways requiring development approval you will need to lodge a development application. Development Applications will be publically notified which will occur after lodgement.

Getting help

Information about driveway design and construction requirements can be found on the City Services website.

To determine if you are in a heritage area you can view the Heritage Register.

When considering parking arrangements in your development, we suggest you find a construction practicioner to help you draw plans.

The ACT Parking and Vehicular Access Guidelines are used to calculate the amount of car parking to be provided at large developments. The guidelines include advice about areas covered by the ACT parking contribution scheme, general design and vehicular access requirements and parking plans in specific areas.

You can also contact us to discuss whether you need development approval and/or building approval.

Driveway inspections

To arrange a driveway inspection call Access Canberra on 13 22 81 or refer to the City Services website.