Deep Creek Corridor Regional Water Quality Pond

The project

Infrastructure Finance and Capital Works (ACT Government) proposes to construct the Deep Creek Corridor Regional Water Quality Pond on Blocks 12 and 46 in Molonglo Valley. The proposal will include the construction of an embankment approximately 22.5m high from the downstream, 270 metres long across Deep Creek, spillway, bridge crossing, road on the embankment crest and associated works. The pond will have a storage capacity of 132,130 m3 at spillway level and 323,780 m3 at crest level.

EIS process

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) details the anticipated environmental impacts of a development, as well as proposing avoidance and mitigation measures. A proponent prepares an EIS to enable decision makers to understand the environmental consequences of a proposed development. The EIS is required to address matters raised in the scoping document for the proposal. More information on the EIS process can be found on the EIS overview page.

A scoping document has now been issued by the planning and land authority for this project (EIS201900045) which outlines the matters to be addressed in the EIS.

Public consultation

Infrastructure Finance and Capital Works is currently preparing a draft EIS to address each matter raised in the scoping document. In accordance with the Planning and Development Act 2007, the draft EIS will be publicly notified here for a minimum of 20 working days once lodged. The public will have an opportunity to view the proposal and make representations at that stage and the proponent is required to address comments on the draft EIS in a revised EIS.

Application and supporting documents

Scoping document

The scoping document for this draft EIS is available on the ACT Legislation Register.

Draft EIS and supporting documentation